Can Marijuana Actually Become A Remedy Possibility For Alcoholics?

Can Marijuana Really Turn into A Treatment Possibility For Alcoholics?

There may be a brand new thought rising on the planet of addiction therapy. The idea is that this: That opiate addicts, cocaine addicts, and alcoholics may presumably be handled through the use of marijuana frequently. Research are being carried out, and have been recently accomplished, which might be attempting to support this idea: “What we discovered was that about seventy five p.c of them had been using cannabis as an alternative for prescription medication, about half of them mentioned they have been utilizing cannabis in its place for alcohol, and about 20 % stated they have been utilizing it as a alternative for illicit substances.” well-from- alcoholism -and-onerous-drug-use-234

So in a single examine they're looking at alcoholics and drug addicts who're presently self medicating with marijuana, merely to get an thought of the numbers. Who's using marijuana already as a “crutch,” and is it working for them? Are they in a position to maintain a healthier lifestyle using marijuana instead? And if so, for a way lengthy? These are the sorts of questions that a few of these studies are attempting to answer.

Alternatively, there have been some research that followed up with the marijuana customers later on: “Many patients concerned within the examine reported that their symptoms of alcohol dependence returned after they discontinued use of cannabis.”

In different words, utilizing marijuana would appear to be less of a “cure,” and more of a short lived fix, or a crutch, when it comes to alcoholism.

Fortunately I've had some private experience on this enviornment myself. I used to use marijuana every day whereas also drinking heavily. Sooner or later I determined that alcohol was actually my downside, and it appeared to have far larger penalties, and so I made the decision to try “the marijuana maintenance program.” So I give up drinking and began smoking marijuana as my sole technique of coping with life.

It didn't work. During the first week or two it did seem to work, but I found myself smoking increasing amounts of marijuana with every successive day. I needed more and more of the drug in an effort to get to the place that I needed to be.

alcoholismSo the primary few days I used to be solely consuming a number of joints. However by the second week I wanted extra like 50 dollars price of marijuana every single day in order to really feel correctly medicated. The experiment was failing and I used to be emotionally upset with myself and my life. I realized that I might accomplish the identical thing with a 5 dollar pint of liquor that I might accomplish with a 50 greenback bag of marijuana. So I “relapsed” and started drinking again. After all this was not an actual relapse because I never had any actual restoration, I had simply substituted one drug for another, and ultimately it did not work.

Right here is the main downside with utilizing marijuana maintenance as I see it: The addict continues to be self medicating emotionally.

So let’s take a look at addiction for a second. The alcoholic , the marijuana addict, the cocaine addict, the heroin addict, no matter-they are all self medicating. Why are they medicating?

It might begin for quite a lot of causes. Possibly they're bored and need to experiment. Maybe the heroin addict has chronic pain they usually get hooked on Vicodin and ultimately abuse it to the point where they transition to heroin because it's cheaper. Perhaps they get peer pressured to drink beer and smoke weed at a occasion.

No matter the reasons for starting the drug or alcohol use, it doesn’t matter an excessive amount of in the end. Because what happens finally is that the person is abusing the substance frequently, and a side effect of this is that they not need to feel their feelings. They don’t have to really feel their emotions.

If the addict gets indignant or upset or pissed off, they can simply use their drug of choice and people emotions are demolished. In the end, each addict is self medicating their feelings away.

So possibly they don't go into it attempting to eradicate their unwanted emotions. Possibly the addict never mentioned “I don’t like being offended or afraid, I wish to abuse opiates until those emotions are gone.” However it still occurs. The emotions get medicated away, whether or not you need that or not.

And over time, you get used to this. The addict comes to depend on having their feelings medicated. They grow to be uncomfortable if they must be clean and sober and deal with some intensely destructive emotions. That becomes actually awkward for the addict.

So we could make fun of marijuana, and we can say that it is not an actual arduous drug, or that it is not worth worrying about.

Minimizing marijuana is a large mistake.

For those who perceive what I simply described when it comes to medicating your unfavourable feelings away, you will see why.

Take any human being who simply had a very bad day. Sit them down and have them smoke a large quantity of very sturdy marijuana. What happens?

They get very high on the drunk, stoned even, to the purpose the place they are going to temporarily not remember why they were even upset.

This is profound. Now you may attempt to argue that marijuana is peaceful and harmless and benign.

But it’s not. You'll be able to erase your emotions by getting stoned on the drug. You should utilize it to avoid actuality, to medicate your feelings.

And because of this I don't believe it can be an effective crutch for alcoholics and “hard” drug addicts. As a result of for those who give the struggling alcoholic or addict marijuana as a solution, they are not going to learn to deal with reality. They don't seem to be going to be pressured to learn to deal with their feelings.

When you give an addict marijuana on daily basis then they do not study anything. They do not grow as a person. They do not move beyond their addiction. They simply self medicate with a new substance. And what they are ultimately medicating is their emotional state.

The objective of restoration is to get clear and sober, abstain from all temper and mind altering chemicals, after which discover ways to deal with life. Discover ways to cope with reality. This takes effort. It takes actual battle. It isn't comfy to do this. It may be scary to do this.

Do you know what is just not scary, and actually fairly snug? Getting stoned on marijuana and never bothering to learn or do something totally different.

That is my opinion, in fact, and the brand new knowledge that is emerging could show me fallacious. Hurt reduction may be saving lives by the 1000's for all I do know. However for me, I tried to modify drugs as soon as, from alcohol to marijuana, and it was a catastrophe. I couldn’t make it work.

My hope for the world is that we will transfer ahead with new therapy strategies. I additionally hope that we can be real looking about what is truly effective versus what's just overlaying up one problem with another. The founding fathers of AA cautioned people towards taking “the easier, softer way.” Actually alcohol addiction qualifies as the simpler softer approach, no?

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